Rahim Das also known as Abdul Rahim khan-e-Khana, was one of the nine gems of Mughal emperor Akbar. Besides being the minister in Akbar’s court, he was also the most famous and renowned poet, administrator, diplomat, philanthropist, astrologer, and scholar.

Early Life

Rahim das was born on 17 December 1556 in Lahore which is now situated in Pakistan. His father’s name was Bhram Khan, who was the mentor of Akbar. Bhram khan teaches and loves Akbar as his own child. Rahim das mother’s name is Sultana Begum, who was also a poetess. It is also said that Rahim gained the art of poetry from his mother’s sultana begum. It was also said that the name Rahim was given by Akbar.

This is due to Bharam khan that the Akbar empire remains aloof from their enemies. Once Bharam Khan, along with his wife, went to hajj (a sacred place). On the way to hajj, they stopped at Patan in Gujarat where one of his old enemies Afgan Sardar Mubarak Khan attacked him and killed him. Sardar Mubarak Khan did all this to take revenge for his father’s death.

Bharam khan’s wife, the sultana begum, escaped from there and came to Ahmedabad. When Akbar knew about all this, he sent a letter to sultana begum to go to Agra. Sultana Begum accepted the proposal and went there. In this way, Akbar raised Rahim as his own child.


Mohammed Ameen was the teacher of Khan-e-khana. He teaches Rahim in Turkey, Arabi, and Farsi language. He also teaches him Logic reasoning, Mathematics, Persian Grammar, and most important Verse and Poetry for which he is known for.


In Akbar court, he got one of the most important and prominent positions known as Meer aji. Under this position, he acts as a link between king Akbar and the people living in the kingdom. When Akbar announces his name, everybody in the court is shocked as this position is given to a very trustworthy person. This also shows the faith of Akbar in Rahim.

At the age of 28, Akbar gave the degree of Khan-e-khan. Before Rahim, this degree was only given to Bharam Khan (his father). Rahim also translated the Babar autobiography from Turkey to Farsi. Rahim fought his first battle in 1573 against Khan Azam who was the subedar of Gujarat. The war lasted for 11 days, and in the end, Rahim Das won that battle.

Rahim was also the teacher of Akbar and Jahoda Bai’s son Salim.


Rahim Das
Rahim Das

Rahim was married to Mahbano at the age of 16. Mahbano was the sister of Jija Koka. Rahim has two daughters and three sons from Mahbano. His son’s names are Ireej, Darab, and Karan. All these names were given by King Akbar. Beside mahbano, he has two more wives. Rahim’s eldest daughter Jana begum married Shajada Daniyal in 1599 and his second daughter married Meer Ameenudeen.


In 1626 at the age of 70, Rahim das died. He was buried in a most famous mausoleum of Delhi known as khan-e-khan. Rahim itself built the mausoleum in the memories of his wife who died in 1598.

Kavya Rachna

Besides being Muslim, he wrote many Poems and verses on the Hindu goddess Krishna, which made him worldwide famous. It is also said that Rahim das was a very good friend of Tulsidas and Keshvdas. Both Tulsidas and Keshvdas were great Hindu poets of that time. Rahim wrote many poems and books and some of them are Rahim Kavitavali, Rahim Ratnavali, Rahim Bilas, Rahiman Binod, Rahiman Chandrika, Babar Nama, Rahim satsai, and many more.

Rahim also wrote about Gopis’s love towards Krishna in Madanastak. He has also written more than 300 verses or Dohas in one of his books named Satsai. He was also a great astrologer and has also written a book on astrology called Khet Kootuk Jatakam.


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